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Whether it’s a dripping tap, leaking radiator valve or overflowing cistern, AB Plumbing & Heating Ltd can take care of any plumbing or heating repair work.

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Conventional & Un-vented Hot Water Cylinders

AB Plumbing & Heating have a team of plumbers who can install both conventional copper cylinders and also un-vented stainless steel cylinders.

When most homeowners add an en-suite bathroom or extension to their home they may often find that the old hot water cylinder is not up to the job.

Running out of hot water whilst in the middle of a shower is no joke!

Increasing the size of the cylinder is one way of overcoming this problem; we have experienced plumbers who can replace your existing cylinder with a larger capacity, usually within 1 day.

Alternatively why not replace the conventional hot water cylinder with a super efficient stainless steel un-vented hot water cylinder.

Un-vented hot water cylinders are fed directly from the cold water mains and so deliver mains pressure hot water to your taps.

Also as they are pressurised they act like a giant pressure cooker and so are much more efficient at heating your hot water & keeping it hot.

Since they are not fed from your cold water storage cistern (cold water loft tank) this can be removed along with your central heating feed/expansion cistern and so freeing up your loft space.

The advantages of un-vented hot water cylinders are clear:

  • Mains pressure hot & cold water
  • No requirement for shower pumps
  • Super efficient
  • Can be placed almost anywhere, e.g. loft or garage
  • Free up loft space by removing the loft tanks

Only gas safe registered or un-vented qualified plumbers may legally install or service these type of hot water cylinders.

AB Plumbing & Heating have a team of qualified plumbers who can install un-vented hot water cylinders, call us now if you are interested in a new conventional or un-vented hot water cylinder.